Alligator Chases Down Brazilian Swimmer, Takes a Bite!

By: TMZ Staff

Here's a firm lesson that alligators are NOT the slowpokes they're often made out to be -- especially when they're in their liquid turf ... these bastards are fast and furious! Check out this wild video of a guy who was swimming in a lake down in…

Keanu Reeves Gifts 'John Wick' Stuntmen New Rolex Watches

By: TMZ Staff

Keanu Reeves knows how to treat his movie crew right -- the guy handed his 'John Wick' stuntmen new watches as a thank-you for their services. Oh, and they were Rolexes!. The veteran actor, who's beloved in Hollywood, kept his nice-guy rep going…

Guess Who This Pumpkin Pip-Squeak Turned Into!

By: TMZ Staff

Before this gourd-eous girl was stirring up spells in a popular television show, she was just another pumpkin pip-squeak getting ready for Halloween in Geneva, Switzerland. This festive female is best known for her supporting role as on-screen best…